For Attorneys: Referrals & Fees

Most of our clients are referred by other lawyers. We value our relationships with referring attorneys. We know that when you refer your client to an appellate lawyer, you are putting your own reputation and relationship with your client at risk.

We appreciate the trust referring counsel place in us, and work hard to validate that trust. To that end, we endeavor not only to provide excellent representation to every client, but also to insure referring counsel is kept in the loop as the case progresses.

Bushell Law, P.A. offers a number of different types of fee structures, including hourly billing, flat fees, and contingent fee agreements on a case-by-case basis.

In many cases, we handle appeals on a straight referral basis, with fee-sharing arrangements with referring counsel, in accordance with the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar. In others, the firm works as co-counsel with trial counsel, as local counsel or in other capacities. However our relationships are structured, we honor our commitments.