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Whom We Help

Bushell Law, P.A. represents clients in prosecuting and defending appeals from Florida Circuit Courts, District Courts of Appeal, federal District Courts, and administrative agencies. We also provide litigation support to attorneys and law firms that need help with complex matters, are preparing to take a case to trial, or simply wish to ensure that important issues are preserved for appeal.
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How We Help

State Appeals

We are experienced appellate attorneys and have helped clients obtain successful results in every Florida District Court of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court as well as in appeals from County Court to Circuit Court.

Federal Appeals

Bushell Law, P.A. represents clients in federal appeals primarily to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, bankruptcy appeals in the Southern District of Florida, and the United States Supreme Court. We also have experience representing clients in appeals to other Circuit Courts of Appeals, including the Fourth Circuit and D.C. Circuit, among others.


Dan Bushell has litigated hundreds of cases in Florida state and federal courts. He has assisted numerous attorneys, law firms, and clients in complex, high stakes disputes and other matters requiring litigation support.

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