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Bushell Law, P.A. is a dedicated appellate and litigation support practice. The firm represents plaintiffs, defendants, amicus curiae and other parties in appeals. It also provides litigation support for cases pending in federal and state trial courts.
We make our clients’ causes our own and work hard to protect their interests. Dan Bushell is an exhaustive researcher and careful strategist, and is dedicated to finding the most effective and persuasive way to argue every client’s case.


If you need effective representation for an appeal from an order or judgment of a Florida Circuit Court, County Court, or Administrative Agency, Bushell Law, P.A. can help. We represent clients state-wide in appeals to all Florida District Courts of Appeal (including the1st DCA, 2nd DCA, 3rd DCA, 4th DCA, and 5th DCA) as well as the Florida Supreme Court and Circuit Courts. Our Florida appellate practice covers the gamut of state civil appeals, including, but not limited to, business and commercial, family, real estate, personal injury, insurance, and probate cases. We also handle petitions for extraordinary writs (certiorari, prohibition, and mandamus) when an order needs to be challenged immediately but there is not an immediate right to appeal.


The firm provides appellate advocacy in appeals from United States District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts. While appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, the Southern District of Florida (for bankruptcy appeals) and the United States Supreme Court are the primary focus of our federal appellate practice, the firm has represented clients in numerous other jurisdictions. The firm’s federal appellate practice extends to civil cases involving federal statutory and constitutional law as well as federal diversity jurisdiction cases involving state law.


Appellate decisions often affect people and organizations far beyond the parties directly involved in the litigation. In recent years, affected outside interests have increasingly participated in important cases through submitting amicus curiae, or “friend of the court” briefs. These briefs can play a significant role in shaping outcomes, as affected stakeholders help the courts understand the issues and real-world implications their decisions may have on others. If you wish to participate as amicus curiae in an appeal in which your interests, or the interests of your members, are at risk, Bushell Law, P.A. can help you effectively communicate your message to the court.

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