Litigation Support

We can help you at trial.

We can help litigate your case.

Bushell Law, P.A. is an appellate and litigation support practice. The firm represents plaintiffs, defendants, amicus curiae and other parties in civil appeals. It also provides litigation support for civil cases pending in federal and state trial courts.
We make our clients’ causes our own and works hard to protect their interests. Dan Bushell is an exhaustive researcher and careful strategist and is dedicated to finding the most effective and persuasive way to argue every client’s case.


Winning favorable rulings from the trial judge can make the difference between a favorable and an unfavorable result at trial, and properly framing the issues in the first instance maximizes your chances of prevailing on appeal if one is necessary. Dan has successfully argued some of the most difficult issues, and obtained favorable results, in Florida trial courts as well as in federal district courts in Florida and nationwide. If you need help with pretrial (or post-trial) motions in state or federal court, in researching and important issues, or in ensuring that you properly preserve the record in case an appeal becomes necessary, Dan’s knowledge and research and writing skills can help best position your case for success.

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